Cameo lighting by Adam Hall Group shines at NATURE ONE

This year’s NATURE ONE marked another festival milestone for Cameo lighting solutions by Adam Hall Group. With over 450 spotlights to choose from, the lighting designers relied more than ever on the German lighting technology manufacturer for various stages.

“NATURE ONE’s stage designs have always been different from other festivals,” explained Marek Papke of Gerdon Design, who is responsible for the stage and lighting design of the Mainstage and has many years of NATURE ONE experience. “While stage design at most festivals is limited to the stage itself, we’ve been working for years with floor setups where the lighting and video elements are above people’s heads, making the audience feel more like they’re in a club.”

When it comes to lighting design, Marek Papke and his team also have to get away from the familiar concert thinking: “On Saturday, the acts play for more than 14 hours at a stretch. To be able to offer the audience a varied experience here, we need an extremely versatile setup that ideally also works in bad weather.”

With its hybrid concept of beam, spot and wash, the IP65-capable Cameo OTOS H5 fitted perfectly into the requirement profile: “The OTOS H5 is our main spotlight on the main stage, with which we realise all spot and beam effects,” explained Marek Papke. “The output is fantastic. Plus, it’s been raining on and off for the last few days and the OTOS play without any problems.” In addition to the 150 or so OTOS H5s, Gerdon Design also relied on the OTOS B5 IP65 Beam Moving Head to shoot powerful, cutting 1° beams through the pyramid.

The Cameo spotlights for the main stage were supplied by schoko pro and by NicLen in DryHire.

Just a few steps away from the main stage is the Century Circus – a 10-mast tent with 5,000 m2 of space. “There are only a few decorative elements in the Century Circus, which is why the lighting design must not be too playful either,” explained Bemo, who has also been at home at NATURE ONE for many years. “We work more with technology here to be able to transfer the strict lines of techno well.” After the lighting designer created several concepts for the visualisation of the Century Circus in advance, the decision was made together with the technical service providers BSS events and Actionlight Veranstaltungstechnik for a setup with many variation possibilities.

“There are 120 AZOR B1 LED Beam Moving Heads in the roof, with which I mainly trace the straight lines to bring out the depth in the tent. There are also 60 AZOR S2 Spot Moving Heads on a second height level, with which I can reach the entire width of the tent thanks to the large zoom.” The AZOR models are complemented by ZENIT W600 and ZENIT W600 SMD LED Outdoor Wash Lights for powerful strobe effects.