Busted Go Wireless With Shure

Busted are making extensive use of Shure wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring (IEM) on their current tour, supporting their 2016 surprise third album Night Driver. Each member of the touring band is linked into an eight-channel wireless system comprising two Shure quad-band ULXD4Q receivers. For monitoring, the band is using eight channels of Shure’s PSM1000 IEM system.

The band have been accompanies on the tour with Guitar Tech Pjay Johnson and Tour Manager Robert Highcroft. “Most of the bands I’m involved with have been using Shure UR4D+, but that’s just because they bought their kit a few years ago, before ULX-D was out,” commented Highcroft. “I realised I could save a lot of space with the quad ULX-D receivers. Busted are very active on stage, and have benefited from the upgrade to ULX-D.”

“The speed at which the body packs sync with the receivers is faster than anything else I’ve used, and the design and build quality of the body packs also lends itself perfectly to the live environment,” added Johnson.

Busted’s Night Driver tour continues during March and April throughout Europe and Japan.