Bluman Associates Acquire First gx 2c Media Servers

Last years Bluedot Festival.

London-based Bluman Associates has expanded its rental fleet of disguise servers with the first pre-release gx 2c media servers in Europe.

The gx 2c server features even more GPU processing power, more capture and storage, as well as 10-bit and HDR support. Creatives can now build environments with more particles, effects and richer scenes, at higher resolutions and smoother frame rates.

As creative ambition increases, the GPU and memory has been maximised in direct response to user requests for greater real-time content performance. Bluman Associates joined the disguise partner network in 2016, and the team has since undergone full disguise training to be certified in the creative workflow, as well as technical delivery with the disguise hardware.

As a boutique disguise Studio, Bluman has an innate understanding of what visual creators need, combined with their technical understanding and hardware offering. The disguise gx 2c’s are an addition to their existing fleet of disguise gx 1, gx 2 and solo media servers available for hire, delivered in racks that are skilfully prepped by their in house team.

The gx 2c’s power their first full 4K rack, with 4K outputs and 4K capture. “We understand the importance and value of a solution that will integrate seamlessly with your event. It’s important that we are at the front of the market with the latest technology, so we are proud to be early adopters of the gx 2c servers.”

Founder Since their acquisition Pod Bluman, Bluman Associates put the gx 2c’s to work immediately at the ECS Esports Championship Series – Season 7 in London. The gx 2c’s will also be put to use on Bluedot Festival later this month, celebrating 50 years since man landed on the moon.