Barco Adds Two Event Master Jr Models With 4K Performance

Barco has added two additional models, the E2 Jr and S3-4K Jr, to its Event Master portfolio of screen management systems boasting 4K image processing on both models.

Both the E2 Jr and S3-4K Jr flaunt future proof design and are perfect for small to medium sized applications in the events market.

Offering 16 inputs, eight outputs, and eight mixers, the E2 Jr features the same four RU form factor as the bigger E2. The S3-4K Jr comes with eight inputs, four outputs, and two mixers in the same three RU form factor as the bigger S3-4K.

Just like the E2 and S3-4K, the Jr models are controlled from the same Event Master Toolset, a cross-platform GUI that provides an intuitive step-by-step approach to system configuration. The E2 Jr and S3-4K Jr are also compatible with the compact EC-50 and large EC-200 event controllers.

Due to its modular design, the Event Master family excels in versatility and flexibility permitting future upgradability. Video professionals can upgrade their E2 Jr to a full E2 and the S3-4K Jr to the full S3-4K system according to their needs by purchasing the additional series cards to their system.

“The Jr models allow smaller companies to benefit from our renowned technology, advanced features, and 4K performance,” added Barco Image Processing Vice President, Chris Colpaert. “Moreover, they always have the opportunity to upgrade to a full-blown E2 or S3-4K system at any time. This way their Event Master system can grow with their shows.”