Bandit Lites Assists Nashville Sideshow Fringe Festival

Suspended Gravity at Fringe Fest by Nate Brown

When the team at Nashville’s annual Sideshow Fringe Festival found themselves in need of fast lighting assistance, they turned to Bandit Lites who happened to be located minutes away.

The Sideshow Fringe Festival celebrates a variety of performing arts, with the two weekends of showsrunning the gamut of entertainment, from circus acts, dance, performing arts and clowning to improv and storytelling. The event took place at Belmont University’s Black Box Theatre.

“Nashville has a diverse and active community of artists, including Lighting Designers, that pour their hearts and efforts into performances only for the sake of giving of themselves,” said Bandit Sales and Design Associate Rudi Aldridge. “Participating in events like this gave me a chance to design at a very formative time in my career, and it feels good to give back.”

Each act was given four hours of technical planning before taking the stage, putting the performers in a high pressure situation of having to coordinate all the technical aspects of their show in addition to rehearsing.

Bandit Lites provided GLP X4S, the compact, nimble and high-powered LED fixture that allowed the rotating acts the ability to customise their lighting looks, whether it’s a comedy troupe, dance team,theatre, puppetry or aerial arts.

“A moving head fixture gives the LD a chance to give each part of a performance a look and feel created for just that moment,” said Aldridge. “The GLP X4S’s colour mixing allows for emotionally intense colour to fade into softer hues for single light source transitions and tableaus that make it impossible to look away.”