Backup builds up to the return of the Village Fete

Backup Village Fete will take place on 11 July at Daytona and is proving very popular with more and more companies getting involved and joining what many consider as the ‘biggest industry day out’ there is.

With the focus on the fete, there are many options for companies and individuals attending. Visiors can buy single day passes through to fete stall pitches or, for the ultimate in turn up and go, a VIP ‘Manor house’ package.

The Backup Parish Council have planned even more activities this year including a ‘Veg Off’ to complement the highly popular ‘Bake Off’, The NEXO Peasant Shoot, 5 Star Flight case relay, The Dairy with world cuisine food stalls, artisan coffee, craft beers and drinks, and DJ Adam Fabulous owning the playlist for the day.

New this year are the ‘Hay Bale’ Session hosted by the industry for the industry which will cover relevant and topical conversations with a great mix of industry panels adding insight for all. The Lions Barbers are back, working closely with Music Support and Music Industry Touring Collective to help educate and support where they can.

“This is probably the best day out in the UK industry calendar, but there’s a serious message behind the frivolity,” said Backup Trustee, Scott Arnold. “Since the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in the number of requests for help with mental health issues. With the continued help of organisations like Music Support, we’re not only able to help those that are in immediate need we’re raising awareness in the industry and it’s gratifying to see that attitudes are beginning to change.”

“But we need to do more and that’s what the Village Fete is all about. So come and join us on 11 July. You’ll have an immense amount of fun, and you’ll be helping us to help your industry friends and colleagues.”