Backup Tech joins forces with Big Drop Brewery

Backup – the Technical Entertainment Charity and Big Drop, award winning brewers of alcohol-free beer, are joining forces to generate wider awareness and increased funding for the Live Events/Entertainment Technical Supply Chain. Photo: Gasoline media

Backup and Big Drop are joining forces to generate awareness for the live events and entertainment technical supply chain.

Backup is a charity for the technical entertainment industry and Big Drop are producers of award winning alcohol-free beer. The collaboration aims to extend the reach of the Backup brand in order to help those impacted by the pandemic in the live entertainment industry further.

As theatres open, and concerts and festivals start to re-emerge, the COVID-19 pandemic is viewed as being over. However, it has left serious scars. Help is still needed, as it was pre-pandemic, but now even more so, to allow Backup to continue to address mental health, addiction, poverty, loan repayments, loneliness, and food-bank reliance.

“We’re all painfully aware of the devastation that the pandemic caused to our industry around the globe,” said John Simpson, Backup Chairman. “The generous response to Backup’s fundraising efforts over the past two years has been phenomenal, and we’ve been able to offer help to our colleagues in the UK who were and still are in desperate need, both financially and for the impact the situation has had on their mental health.”

So far, the funds to provide assistance have come primarily from within the industry itself. However, Backup has identified there is now a need to reach a wider audience. Big Drop provides an ideal avenue to do just that.

Plans include using the Backup logo on its packaging to help build awareness, running a competition to find the best ‘Big Drop Pour’ in the most extreme or picturesque locations and supporting Backup’s range of mental health initiatives.

Big Drop founders, friends, bandmates and brewers Rob Fink and James Kindred have a personal connection to backup as well.

“Rob and I have seen how much support Backup can give when they helped our oldest friend when he was battling terminal cancer,” said Kindred. “Backup were there to support Mark and his family through an incredibly tough time. Supporting Backup is important to us and everyone at Big Drop, we can’t wait to start working with them on some great awareness projects.”

Simpson added: “We’re hoping that by joining forces with Big Drop, a brand whose values so perfectly align with our own, and who understand exactly why we do what we do. This new alliance means that we can make many more people aware of the suffering that continues in the entertainment industry, and allow them to help the people that bring them so much enjoyment.”