Ayrton’s Cobra on Quevedo’s Tour

Photo: Use Sonido

Quevedo’s ‘DQE Donde quiero estar’ tour has utilised 30 Ayrton Cobra. Designed by Oscar Marchena, the tour encompasses a traditional setup and a 360º experience.

Oscar Marchena, the lighting designer behind this tour, has crafted the show: to achieve this, he devised two different lighting formats, opting for lighting equipment that could offer versatility and a wide range of effects.

During the shows in the traditional format, a substantial number of Ayrton fixtures supplied by USE Sonido rental company, were employed. A set of 34 Cobra fixtures illuminated the stage backdrop. He remarked, ‘The versatility of the Cobras, combined with the prism and Beam mode, allowed us to create a wide variety of effects.’

In the two 360º shows, 28 Cobras were used to transform the stage into a display of lights and effects. With a square central stage suspended beneath LED screens, the Cobras filled the space with beams and aerial effects that synchronized with the visuals on the screens.

Ayrton’s Cobras boast an IP65 rating, making them not only versatile and capable of exceptional definition but also low-maintenance and suitable for operation in various environments.

Quevedo’s tour concluded the summer season and continued its journey to large venues throughout Spain. Alongside Quevedo, a lighting design and equipment supplied by USE Sonido continue to captivate the audience, turning the singer’s tour into a resounding success.