Ayrton Lights Up Silbermond Tour

Photo: Markus Wilmsmann

German rock band Silbermond embarked on a live tour this summer in support of its fifth studio album, Leichtes Gepäck. Lighting Designer Stephan Aue has opted for lighting products from Ayrton, supplied by VisionStage of Germany, to play alongside them.

Ayrton IntelliPix-R and Ayrton MagicRing-R9 created the mainstay effects in the lighting set as the tour took in major arenas across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with technical provision from TDA Rental.

The tour kicked off in May with a sold out performance by the band in Hannover, Germany. Between stage-to-ceiling videowalls, the Ayrton fixtures formed the beating heart of the 10-metre by 10-metre stage set.

Just three MagicRing-R9’s were used by Aue, alongside four matrixes of Ayrton IntelliPix-R, each composed of 16 individual units, positioned independently above the four musicians and rigged on motorised hoists.

Silbermond will tour Germany again in August 2017.