Ayrton Launches MagicDot-SX

As part of the raft of new products released for 2016, Ayrton has launched the MagicDot-SX as the next in its new SX range.

MagicDot-SX is a compact, hybrid version of Ayrton’s MagicDot-R, which was awarded LDI Product of the Year 2016 in the effects category. It combines the qualities of the MagicDot-R with the added features of a zoom capability and Lumen Radio wireless connectivity.

The product’s newly-developed 8:1 optical zoom has a fixed transmitting lens, no visible moving parts, and delivers a zoom range of 5° to 40°. With its 94mm diameter collimator positioned close to the transmitting lens, MagicDot-SX delivers a beam with up to 75% optical efficiency.

Its design has been considered to ensure great compatibility and graphical interactivity between MagicDot-SX and MagicDot-R so that the two fixtures can be used in combination. In addition to DMX-RDM control, MagicDot-SX can be controlled via wireless CRMX TiMo RDM from LumenRadio.