Ayrton launches IP65 Rivale Profile

Ayrton has revealed its new IP65-rated Rivale Profile, the next in its Classical IP65 3 Series, and the first ultra-equipped luminaire in Ayrton’s brand new ‘ULTIMATE’ series.

Developed for mixed-use indoors and outdoors, and in all conditions the Rivale Profile also weighs only 28kg. Rivale Profile is fitted with a brand new 450W sealed mono-block LED module, calibrated at 6500K, that offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body.

The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and zoom range of 4 to 52°. Equipped with a 160mm frontal lens, Rivale Profile can produce an ultra-intense beam of 4°.

Rivale Profile has adopted a progressive CMY colour-mixing system that delivers colour reproduction as soon as the filter is inserted, regardless of the colour combination selected. An extended progressive CTO lets you fine tune the colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K, and a seven-position colour wheel completes the palette of tools dedicated to creating colour.

Rivale Profile allows subtle adjustment of the colour rendering index from 70 to 86. The framing section permits the positioning of each shutter blade on a 100% surface area with a rotation of plus-or-minus 90°. A fast 15-blade iris diaphragm with an aperture range from 15-100% enables beam optimisation in Beam mode.

The image section of Rivale Profile includes 15 interchangeable high-definition glass gobos on two wheels: one rotating wheel with seven positions and one fixed wheel with eight positions.

The Rivale Profile official launch video goes live at 11am CET on Tuesday 14 November.