Ayrton Expands Arsenal with MiniBurst

Ayrton’s new MiniBurst is a powerful graphic strobe which received its world premiere at Prolight+Sound 2018 last month; it is the next luminaire to undergo the miniaturisation treatment of Ayrton’s highly successful Creative Solutions range.

Ayrton’s MiniBurst follows in the footsteps of MiniPanelFX by presenting designers with a quarter-sized version of its big brother, MagicBurst, which was the first strobe fixture to be produced by Ayrton. However, Ayrton’s MiniBurst’s compact dimensions belie its capabilities as it still dazzles in terms of output, creative possibilities and price point.

Equal in physical size to Ayrton’s MiniPanel-FX, MiniBurst’s 192mm x 192mm square face contains 960 mono-chip, daylight-white LED sources grouped into 16 pixels on a 4 x 4 matrix. Its dimensions make it easy to integrate into lighting rigs of all sizes, yet it is capable of emitting up to 60,000 lumens, with a flicker-free output that is perfect for all TV and video applications as well as live performance.

Exhibiting Ayrton’s famed continuous pan and tilt and extremely accurate positioning, MiniBurst’s graphic capabilities are evident in the individual control of speed, duration and intensity of every single pixel. Each unit also comes with built-in pattern effects with speed and fade controls for fast and easy scenic applications.

With DMX512 control, RDM compatibility, and local or stand-alone control, including master/slave modes, MiniBurst is as versatile and creative as its full-blown counterpart, Ayrton’s MagicBurst, which wowed the industry when it was launched at Prolight+Sound 2016 as the first high-power graphic LED strobe with continuous, unlimited pan and tilt.

“The feedback we have received already from lighting designers following the release of MiniBurst at Prolight+Sound is that they really like the small dimensions of the unit which is very easy to integrate into their designs and into their lighting rig,” said Ayrton’s Global Sales Director, Michael Althaus. “MiniBurst is small enough to be slotted into almost any lighting position as well as proving extremely effective when used en masse in banks or walls, alone or in combination with MiniPanel-FX.”