Ayrton Domino Profile accompanies Luchè on his ‘DVLA’ tour

Lighting designer Giorgio ‘Josh’ Geromin chooses 42 Ayrton Domino Profile S fixtures as the main light source and key lighting for Luchè's DVLA tour. Photo: Marco Arici

Neapolitan rapper and record producer Luchè, former member of the hip hop group Co’Sang, landed in arenas across Italy with his latest platinum-selling album DVLA – Dove Volano Le Aquile. The sell-out tour has crossed Italy from Naples to Milan via Rome and Rimini and will reach London in March 2023 for a special one-off date. During the tour the singer was joined by other stars of the Italian music scene such as Shiva, Elisa, Marracash, Sfera Ebbasta, Paky and Guè.

Lighting designer Giorgio ‘Josh’ Geromin chose 42 Ayrton Domino Profile S fixtures as the main light source and key lighting for the tour. The concept started from the idea of an eagle’s flight, echoing the name of the album Dove Volano Le Aguile (Where Eagles Soar) and symbolising a human being’s attempt to rise up and land on Mars. From this was born the idea of approaching the stage as if it were a first outpost on Mars through the use of visuals and set design.

“I used Dominos for their great versatility as spots, with intensive use of zoom changes and prism rotations,” said Josh. “The Dominos were rigged both vertically and horizontally along the five trusses that formed the scenic structure. Because of Domino’s wide zoom capability, in some scenes we were able to light the structure directly to emphasise the ‘ironwork’ of the structure, while in other scenes they were used to expand the stagespace through the use of gobos which gave a sense of ‘air’ to the light. I was impressed by Domino’s ability to achieve and maintain gobo focuses with great precision even during the transitions.

“We were able to use the colour very well because of Domino’s precision and great ability for saturated colours. In particular, I was pleasantly impressed by the uniformity of colour between the devices – I don’t remember ever having to correct a fixture individually to obtain a colour.

“Thanks to the uniformity of the light emitted, we were able to work easily with the cameras even in situations using strong saturation.

“This is the first time I have used Ayrton but I will definitely use them again, especially for the IP65 component, which unfortunately I was not able to experience due to the indoor location, but I know will be very useful on other projects. In terms of reliability, the Dominos are exceptional, we have not experienced any kind of technical problem and they have proved to be excellent devices – versatile and precise.”

The Ayrton Domino Profile S fixtures were supplied by the Italian service company Agorà.