Audio Precision introduces new audio analyser

Audio Precision launched the new APx516B audio analyser. Tailored for R&D, production testing, and other audio engineering applications, the APx516B offers analogue and digital audio testing.

A feature of the APx516B is its capability to bridge analogue and digital audio testing, reflecting today’s diverse audio landscape. It also offers a 3-year standard warranty, optional 5-year extension, and ISO 17025 accredited calibration.

“The APx516B offers electronic audio customers a budget-friendly modular solution without compromising AP’s performance and service,” said Dan Knighten, Audio Precision General Manager. “It features a digital interface slot, allowing it to adapt to ongoing changes in digital audio. This ensures that the APx516B remains applicable, serving the needs of the extended R&D team and production test engineers worldwide.”

“With the rise of digital and the global distribution of engineers, there’s a pressing need for an uncomplicated, economical analyser for both digital and analogue audio. We need a dependable instrument to record and relay the audio signal, simplifying troubleshooting across dispersed teams,” noted a Product Design Engineer at a consumer electronics company.