Audience & Brands and AeroAVA announces live augmented drone displays

Audience & Brands, and drone display company, AeroAVA, has announced an innovation in live event technology at The Media Production & Technology Show 2024.

The two UK-based companies unveiled Augmented Drone Shows, a concept that elevates drone performances into a mixed reality experience for live event broadcast audiences.

Drone shows are the emerging performance technology for the 2020’s, and Audience & Brands has worked with AeroAVA to push digital boundaries further by introducing the ability to live track, generate and overlay digital content accurately, in real-time.

Tom Rees, AeroAVA Managing Director, said “This innovation offers a never-seen-before enhancement to existing drone shows, specifically for broadcast viewers,” Rees continued, “Taking multiple live camara feeds, our system combines drone telemetry data, high performance media servers and very accurate alignment techniques to return a dynamic range of content options to the OB truck or gallery.”

This innovation is a overlay of the digital and real content, with low latency and fast live rendering capabilities. It is also scalable to fit a range of camera shot options and different levels of creative detail from single line outlines to fully textured, multi-layered animation content.