ASM Global’s First Direct Arena Leeds to be the first 5G neutral host arena in the Uk

ASM Global’s First Direct Arena Leeds will be the UK's first 5G neutral host arena.

ASM Global, event strategy and operator of the first direct Arena in Leeds, along with Boldyn Networks, have announced the creation of the UK’s first 5G neutral host arena. This collaboration will bring high-speed, high-capacity mobile connectivity throughout the entire first direct Arena, revolutionising the visitor experience.

The announcement marks another step in the partnership between ASM Global and Boldyn Network to bring cutting-edge connectivity solutions to leading entertainment venues around the world. Designed and installed by Boldyn Networks, the new 5G multi-carrier wireless network will enhance the experience for fans attending events at the 13,000-capacity award-winning venue, an integral part of Leeds’ vibrant cultural scene.

Visitors will be able to stay connected and benefit from more interactive, digitally enabled facilities and services. From enhancing ticketing processes, enabling more efficient entry for visitors, and navigating around the venue, to speeding up the browsing and ordering from the range of food and beverage options, the fast, reliable mobile network will streamline operations and commercial activity within the venue. Sponsors can also leverage this enhanced network to offer exclusive promotions and experiences, fostering stronger connections with their target audience.

Chris Bray, Executive Vice President Europe at ASM Global said: “At ASM Global, we are continually striving to elevate the experience for all of our guests, and collaborating with innovative partners helps us keep our finger on the pulse. So we are naturally very excited to bring 5G to the very first UK arena alongside the team at Boldyn Networks. Soon, guests at the first direct Arena in Leeds will be able to experience live entertainment with complete connectivity, and not only that, there’ll also be vast improvements operationally, with high-speed 5G allowing our team on the ground to be even more agile in a fast paced environment.”

The neutral host network model, implemented by Boldyn Networks, is designed to allow all four UK mobile network operators to join onto the network, minimising equipment and power usage, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient means of delivering reliable mobile connectivity to customers. 5G service will be rolled out as the mobile network operators connect to Boldyn’s neutral host network.

Paul Osborne, Chief Commercial Officer, UK & Ireland at Boldyn Networks said: “We are incredibly proud to collaborate with first direct Arena on this pioneering project. The launch of the UK’s first 5G neutral host arena represents a significant leap forward in delivering seamless, high-speed connectivity for both fans and venue operators. This collaboration highlights our shared commitment to working with venues, including through our partnership with ASM Global, to revolutionise the visitor experience and set a new standard for connectivity in entertainment venues.”