Artiste Dali Debut at LDI 217

Elation Professional’s new full-featured Artiste Dali LED moving head won the accolade for Best Debuting Product: Lighting at the LDI 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.

The LDI award is the Artiste Dali’s 2nd award, having won a PLASA Award for Innovation in September 2017. The award came just a day after the Elation Chorus Line 16™ LED batten was awarded a Gold Star Product Award by the editors and writers of PLSN magazine, and with the Proteus Hybrid also a 2017 PLASA Innovation Award winner and the Artiste DaVinci WH a Best Moving Light Award winner at the recent WFX show, the Elation trophy case is bulging.

The LDI 2017 Best Debuting Product Award was presented at an awards ceremony on 18 November 2017, on the AG Productions’ megastructure stage at LDI: Live Outside at the Las Vegas Convention Center. “It’s a chilly evening but this definitely helps to warm things up,” exclaimed Elation Sales Director Eric Loader moments after accepting the award together with Elation President Toby Velazquez.

“To be recognised by our peers in the industry is always a humbling yet very gratifying experience. I’m proud of our entire team as we continue to bring innovative products to market that maintain excellent price-value ratios. Most of all, we look forward to seeing how designers will incorporate this new technology into their shows.”

The Artiste Dali, which saw its North American debut at the show, is a full-featured moving head with a unique hybrid light engine that combines a 300-watt LED source and 100-watt Laser Phosphor source for greater spot and beam capabilities from one fixture. The Laser Phosphor source produces a denser beam with a level of brightness not possible with LED alone. By combining the 2 sources, users get a spot with extra punch (15,000 lumens) in an energy-efficient solution. Features include eFly wireless DMX, CMY+CTO variable colour mixing, colour wheel, rotating and static gobos, prisms, animation, zoom and frost.

On 17 November 2017, PLSN magazine publisher Terry Lowe presented Elation and Eric Loader with a PLSN Gold Star Product Award for Best New Moving Batten for the company’s Chorus Line 16 LED batten. With the new Chorus Line – available in 8-pixel bar and 16-pixel bar versions – strip lights have graduated from static, single-purpose wash lights to more manoeuvrable, adaptable lighting effects that can fulfil a number of purposes in a single show. The multi-purpose LED batten wash luminaires house 40W RGBW LEDs and feature a wide motorised zoom, dynamic 220° tilt axis movement and the power to compete with LED video.

“With the continued improvements in LED technology, the possibilities to use linear LED battens for everything from dynamic visuals to more practical lighting solutions have increased,” concluded Eric Loader. “The Chorus Line represents the latest in LED pixel bar effects. The added zoom optics on the LEDs allow it to be used to light objects, scenery, cycs and stages, and the tilt motor function allows it to position or move dynamically during a show, all adding to its capabilities.”