ArKaos Launches MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub

ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub software.

ArKaos Pro announces the official release of the new MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub. The launch of MediaMaster Pro 5.0 at Plasa, UK follows a successful preview at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year.

ArKaos MediaMaster Pro is a professional software solution for the control of real-time video and effects which is specifically designed for desk operators and lighting designers. MediaMaster Pro turns any computer into a powerful media server ready to perform at any professional level.

  • Precisely align the real-time video content over non-planar or curved screens
  • Transform any powerful computer into a Media Server for professional lighting consoles driven by DMX, Art-Net, Time Code and MIDI
  • Setup mapping projects quickly with just a few clicks on multiple outputs
  • Interactively place LED devices on the screen and view results real-time over ArtNet and Kling-Net
  • Play and mix audio tracks from movie files and turn any controller into a professional A/V mixer
  • Create powerful visual animations that react to the audio input

What’s NEW in MediaMaster Pro 5.0?

With the introduction of MediaMaster Pro 5.0, ArKaos continues to stay ahead of the competition by combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation. MediaMaster Pro 5.0 retains the user-friendly and broad functionality that has become the trademark of the ArKaos product range.

MediaMaster Pro 5.0 introduces MediaHub, a new powerful tool designed to:

  • Swiftly share your content between servers or computers over networks
  • Easily synchronise your content library over networks
  • Remotely monitor the status of any additional machine running MediaMaster
  • Import your new content remotely in the library of any server
  • Organise your library of content remotely from any computer
  • Safely synchronise your newest content or your backup server just before a show

MediaMaster Pro 5.0 Enhancements:

  • Up to 36 layers to prepare, play and output more visuals and effects (Available in Theater and Fixture Mode)
  • Easily synchronise text with the new lyric player especially designed for singers, church performances and corporate presentations
  • Enhanced DMX patching over multiple universes and auto-patching feature
  • New and improved appearance of the user interface

LED Mapper Integration Features:

  • Automatic discovery of Art-Net nodes connected on a network
  • Unicast connection to fixtures for optimal network bandwidth usage
  • Capability to run simultaneously with MediaMaster
  • Updated LEDMapper supporting larger network thanks to unicast

How to Upgrade to MediaMaster Pro 5.0

The new functions and creative capabilities of MediaMaster Pro 5.0 are available at a fraction of the cost of media servers, making MediaMaster Pro 5.0 the most affordable media server software solution on the market.

License upgrades are available from MediaMaster Pro 4.x to MediaMaster Pro 5.0 and from MediaMaster Express 4.x to MediaMaster Express 5.0.

For upgrades and purchasing information, please visit

Watch an overview of the new ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0 here.