Analog Way Ascender 16 and VIO 4K Support “Monster K-pop” Concert

Taiwan’s Taipei Arena played host to the “Monster K-pop” concert, a show which earned its name in every way: monster pop music acts from South Korea – Super Junior, Red Velvet, Chung Ha and VAV – drew monster crowds to an extreme sound and light experience that no one will forget.

The production team from AVIC System Co.,Ltd in Taiwan used a complement of Analog Way equipment to drive the video-intensive show, which featured five big OPTOTECH LED video screens of different sizes and shapes on stage topped by an huge tilted overhead LED panel. AVIC deployed an Ascender 16 – 4K powerful, multi-screen seamless switcher with LiveCore Output Expander, a VIO- 4K all-in-one, multi input/output solution for advanced conversion applications, and an Analog Way control box to deliver dynamic, non-stop content to fans.

“Analog Way always provides a stable, rock-solid system, which was critical for a show like this,” said Peter Hou at AVIC. “The Analog Way gear gave us the excellent results we needed so we were able to satisfy the sold-out crowd.”