Ambersphere Goes to the Panto with Little Leigh

Photo: Mark Bryan, A2Zoom Photography

From lighting the bright rooms of the prince’s castle to establishing the dark gloom of the villain’s lair, panto lighting is vital to get right, as Leigh Mulpeter, owner of lighting design company Little Leigh, knows full well. Over the Christmas period, Mulpeter and the Little Leigh team were hired to light a production of Dick Whittington at the Hawthorne Theatre in Welwyn.

Mulpeter used NandoBeam S3’s during the production, supplied by Ambersphere Solutions. He commented: “Weight restrictions at the Hawthorne Theatre meant the NandoBeams were ideal due to their light weight. During the show I used the lights for a variety of purposes; we used them to light set pieces as well as adding colour to scenes and to highlight actors.”

Of the NandoBeam S3’s features, Mulpeter added: “I particularly like the speed of the zoom function and that the wide beam has a nice, evenly spread wash.”

Dick Whittington was performed between 17th December 2016 and 4th January 2017.