Allen & Heath’s dLive supports Hozier Tour

FOH Engineer, Steve Pattison with Allen & Heath dLive mixing system - Hozier Tour

After having completed a tour in the US, recording artist Hozier, now has a run of sold-out European shows to complete in support of his Nina Cried Power EP with help from FOH Engineer Steve Pattison behind an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system.

Supplied by Adlib, the set-up included an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 surface fitted with both Waves and Dante cards for virtual soundcheck and live multitrack recording. Additionally, anAllen & Heath dLive DM64 MixRack fitted with a superMADI card was placed in FOH, which was used to feed broadcast multitrack during festival shows.

“The dLive was chosen primarily for its sound quality but also for its reliability and flexibility. Pretty much anything you’ll ever need is on there and the FX and processing are ever expanding with each firmware release,” commented Pattison. “FX and reverb feature heavily on Hozier’s recordings and there was so many great sounding reverb pre-sets with dLive that get you right where you need to be instantly. I’ll simply ask Andrew (Hozier) what compressors and reverbs were used in the studio and I can always dial them all in for each song, quickly and easily.”

Pattison concluded: “I get a lot of engineers to come up to me after the shows to ask what outboard gear and plug-ins I’m using. They’re always stunned when I tell them it’s all onboard and there are no external effects, outboard or plug-ins at all.”