Alejandro Sanz with Flagship DAS Audio ARA Series

The four-time Grammy and twenty-four-time Latin Grammy-winning singer, musician, and composer, Alejandro Sanz, now in his fourth decade of touring, impressed the audience with his En Vivo tour, featuring 10 musicians on stage and delivering a potent mix of pop infused with hints of flamenco, rock, funk, jazz, ballads, and even R&B.

Attendees not only relished Sanz’s performance and the vibrant atmosphere but also witnessed the debut of the new ARA series at his concert.

Fernando Diaz, Alejandro Sanz’s Front of House Engineer, enthused, “Compared to the AERO series equipment we’ve used before, this new series is a tremendous leap forward. I’m convinced that the ARA series will soon set a global standard.”

Dynamic Productions, based in Orangeburg, NY, provided the equipment, consisting a left/right array of 14 LARA-80 with an additional 2 units of LARA-100, used as a downfill, and accompanied by 18 LARA-SUBs, for reinforcing the low frequencies. Featuring a self-powered design and a cardioid setup, another 18 SARA-100 systems were used as front fills, spread across the stage.

“The challenge was significant,” Diaz added. “We toured the USA with top-tier equipment and had the chance to use LARA and SARA for the first time in such an iconic venue and for a historic sold-out show. Despite setup setbacks that left us with little time for adjustments, within just 30 minutes, the system was operating flawlessly. I was struck by the sound quality, the clarity of the vocals, and how easily I could adapt my mix to the venue thanks to the equipment’s flexibility and power.”

DAS Audio’s ALMA software delivered complete control and monitoring of every device in the system, Diaz explained: “ALMA was another delightful discovery. It’s efficient, intuitive, and extremely effective. With DASAim, DAS Audio’s directivity control solution, beam setup and optimization become quick, efficient, and straightforward, making SPL optimization smoother than ever. It’s a point of pride to see DAS Audio attain this level of excellence!”

Chris Gonzalez, Systems Technician for Dynamic Productions, has tested the new LARA system in various venues, from small to large. “After setting up for Alejandro Sanz’s Miami tour stop, I was pleasantly surprised by the system’s quick installation and setup,” he commented. “What was even more striking was the clarity and warmth it delivered, even with minimal adjustments, leaving ample room for the mix to breathe.”

Systems engineer Dani Cristobal also shared his thoughts on the system: “The new LARA system truly exceeded our expectations. The setup was fast and straightforward, and the control ALMA offers over the system is truly remarkable. The system’s sound itself was even more impressive. We handled a massive show, with numerous inputs: from strings and brass, multiple keyboards, and of course, multiple vocals. Everything sounded warm and crisp, with no rough edges or distortions. It’s genuinely an astonishing sounding system.”

Borja Gonzalez, Alejandro Sanz’s Manager, emphasised Alejandro’s special connection with Miami: “Miami holds a unique place in Alejandro’s heart, and achieving a sold-out show at the Kaseya Center underscores that bond. Even though it was risky changing the sound system for such a significant concert, the quality DAS Audio delivered exceeded our hopes. We’ve received praises from all corners, and we commend DAS for their innovative system.”