ALD Adds Combined Liability Insurance to Member Benefits

The Association of Lighting Designers (ALD) has announced the launch of a combined liability insurance cover scheme for its professional and affiliate members. The insurance cover will eventually become a permanent benefit entitlement to be included within the annual ALD membership fee but, in this first year of launch is available to members as an opt-in service, for a small surcharge in addition to membership.

The policy offers public liability and products insurance as well as professional indemnity and is specifically tailored for those who work freelance as a “lighting designer or lighting technician, including the design, preparation, installation, maintenance and operation of lighting rigs, video and projection designer &/or technician, the teaching or mentoring of these activities and as a manager or technician in the theatre, entertainment and live event industries.” It is purposed for those working within the United Kingdom and covers temporary work engagements abroad.

ALD Executive Director, Ian Saunders, commented, “We have often received enquiries from members and non-members alike asking if we supplied Public Liability Insurance as part of the membership fee. With a breadth of membership covering a wide range of jobs in the live performance lighting industry, finding something that will suit our members has taken much research and refining, but we believe this is a tangible benefit for those choosing to join the ALD, and a meaningful addition for many members.”

The ALD was originally established to represent the needs of lighting designers. It transformed isolated individuals into a substantial body of people within a profession, and recently the membership has widened to include the other members of the creative lighting process such as console programmers, production electricians and most recently video and projection designers and technicians.

Bringing together all those involved in these roles, the ALD aims to share their experiences, knowledge and guidance to their peers and future generations, helping to raise the professionalism and recognition of the art and creative input of manipulating the use of light in live performance. With that unity comes strength and influence and the ALD offers advice and practical support in all aspects of working in the world of lighting, through various media including the ALD website and the association’s quarterly magazine, Focus.