Alcorn McBride Promote Scott Harkless

Alcorn McBride, manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, has promoted Scott Harkless to Chief Innovation Officer.

“I am first and foremost an engineer. I love to create cool things, and then I love to break them and make them better,” Harkless says. “I appreciate the challenge of making things that are not only functional but also elegant and intuitive enough for anyone to use.”

As Chief Innovation Officer at Alcorn McBride, Harkless works closely with clients to determine their biggest areas of need and combines efforts with a team of engineers to devise creative solutions. Harkless draws on his experience in product development, system commissioning, and client training, marketing and sales. Having been involved in the themed entertainment industry for more than 16 years, he has knowledge of electronic design and creative problem solving.

Harkless spent 3 years as an Electronic Technician and Engineering Associate with the Center of Science & Industry and COSI Studio in Columbus before joining Alcorn McBride as an engineer 15 years ago.

Founder of Alcorn McBride, Steve Alcorn, commented: “Scott’s new title reflects his passion for working with customers to develop what they’ll need in the future as well as ensure that current products have the features they require. Scott will continue to have a lot of responsibility for coordinating sales and support staff, but he’ll be spending more time on his true love of conceiving new products that conform to customers’ needs.

“The strong relationships Scott has forged and the sense of community he has developed are the driving force behind everything he does and the primary source of fulfilment in his career and personal life,” concluded Alcorn.