ADB Stagelight Extends Inventory

A key element in the wide-ranging design and structural renewal at ADB Stagelight is unquestionably the launch of a number of innovative new products.

The innovations incorporate cutting-edge technology, with products such as Klemantis and Oksalis, which have fundamentally reshaped the LED concept, as well as solid tradition, with the launch of the Lexpert line of white-light LED fixtures for theater lighting.

Besides these professional lighting products, ADB recently released an updated enhanced version of its well-known Hathor software, intended not only for the numerous lighting operators who already successfully use the system, but also for everyone wanting to try it for the first time. Hathor has always been known for its outstanding reliability, and now it features a continually updated fixture library and a special video tutorial and technical assistance service. A new logo accompanies the market launch of Hathor 2.0, whose extensive functionalities make it a firmly forward-looking system.

Alongside the new version of Hathor, ADB has launched Wily! – an invaluable and practical smart tool for remote control (via iPad or iPhone)… and that’s not all.

Convinced of the importance of disseminating knowledge in the highly technical field of professional lighting control, ADB is also posting a series of English- and French-language tutorials on its new YouTube channel.