ADB presents OCEAN

ADB Stagelight recently presented the Ocean for the first time ever in the world at JTSE in Paris. This innovative lighting console, designed for theatres, opera houses and multi-purpose venues, immediately attracted a great deal of interest among sector workers.

The Ocean’s most striking feature, as well as one of its main strong points, is its high-resolution touchscreen, with a 70-cm-wide (27½-inch-wide) viewing area. It provides operators with full access to all functions and control of all parameters through a single screen, which greatly simplifies control desk ergonomics.

Due to its ultra-stretched display format, the console and screen itself are still very compact, both in depth and height. This means the operators have a perfect view of the stage from every angle, regardless of where they are sitting and can place the console on small surfaces. Moreover, its shallow depth allows them to access the touchscreen very easily.

The obvious ergonomic and practical advantages of the Ocean, however, should not be allowed to overshadow the advanced software and hardware technology it is equipped with. For example, to respond to the ever-increasing need for multiple connections, it is the only console on the market with four Ethernet outputs, which means you no longer have to provide additional Ethernet access. Please read the information leaflet published on the ADB website to find out all the other remarkable technical features of the Ocean.

Simone Capeleto, CEO of ADB, said: “We are thrilled with the interest this innovative console received. We got a lot of positive feedback, not just from operators using Hathor software. Many programmers saw the OCEAN as a practical, modern tool for the present and future of their profession.

He then reflected on the name of the desk: “The word Ocean conjures up the idea of a horizontal landscape, which spreads out in all directions but still allows us to see the horizon. It is a metaphorical representation of what we intend to offer operators in practice: a way to let them see as many things as possible on a single screen and, at the same time, keep what is happening on the stage under perfect control.

The Ocean looks to open up new horizons for operators, where all features have been taken into account: innovation, ergonomics, practicality, high technology, reliability and interconnection.