Adamson S-Series Offers Flexibility for Forge Audio

As one of New Zealand’s top providers of full, turnkey production solutions for all types of events, Forge Audio has taken total advantage of the flexibility offered by Adamson Systems Engineering’s compact S-Series loudspeakers.

“Adamson offered us a highly flexible and powerful product in a very compact package,” said Forge Audio President Marc Benedict about adding Adamson to their inventory. “From a business perspective, we’ve achieved a very high return on investment in a very short period. The system’s flexibility and popularity means it’s constantly out and working hard on all kinds of applications.”

Forge Audio’s fleet includes a significant complement of Adamson S10 two-way, full range line array cabinets and companion S119 subwoofers, plus several active Point 12 conventional two-way enclosures. The system was supplied by Direct Imports, the exclusive distributor of Adamson products in New Zealand.

“The S10 outperformed every other product in its class, and many larger format boxes also,” Benedict enthused. “The system scales incredibly well, whether being used as a ground-stack in a club or flown in a large outdoor setting.”

He added that his company has benefited substantially from Adamson’s Blueprint AV simulation software, putting it to use every time the S-Series system is flown. “Blueprint AV is very accurate and provides a platform to ensure consistent, high-quality audio at all of our events,”

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Forge Audio offers full live event design and production services for applications ranging from corporate events and product launches to expansive AV installations to music festivals and tours of all sizes.

“We want to solidify our position in the market as the go-to boutique production company, representing quality in all of our inventory offerings,” Benedict concluded. “We’re proud to now have Adamson as a key partner, helping us reach that goal.”