Adamson nears completion of $4m electronics expansion

Adamson neared completion of its new electronics production facility. Its all-new Fuji high speed PCB assembly line can place 188,000 components per hour, with extreme repeatable accuracy, backed by three levels of Automated Optical Inspection. The 1,525 sqm (16,500 sq ft) footprint has in-floor heating, leading-edge lighting and air handling.

This investment is crucial in expanding its production capacity to meet the demand for the new VGt flagship-powered loudspeakers.

Fuji production equipment is the essence of Industry 4.0, with complete connectivity from design and prototype, through New Product Introduction (NPI) and following with complete integration into ERP.

Having transformed from a builder of passive speakers more than 40 years ago into a manufacturer with a focus on smart manufacturing, Adamson implemented maximum interconnectivity and a full digital transformation of manufacturing processes, including new ERP software. These steps all improve transparency and add to the customer experience.