AB lights Justinas Jarutis spectacle in Lithuania

TPi’s Alicia Pollitt speaks to the visual team behind Justinas Jarutis’ biggest concert to date at Vingis Park, Lithuania.

Photo: AB Light

“Make this look like it could be my last concert ever,” Lithuanian pop artist, Justinas Jarutis told AB Light when entrusting the lighting studio and scenography consultancy with the design of his concert at Vingis Park.

A 26m high pyramid, which demonstrated the growth of Jarutis’ career proved to be a spectacle and was enunciated by a large walkway that spanned far into the venue. AB Light reflected on the symbiotic growth of the design studio and artist. “In a way, we grew up together and this concert is like a seal for our friendship and mutual trust,” Lighting Designer, Arvydas Buinauskas said, reflecting on his experience of the project. “Vingis Park is one of the biggest places in Vilnius to host a show, it was purposely selected as the venue for this show to create a ‘wow’ moment for the audience as they entered the venue.”


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Buinauskas was particularly surprised with TMB Solaris Flare Q+ and the Solaris Flare Q+ Razyr fixtures, which he dubbed as ‘versatile’ and ‘powerful’ as well as praising the unit’s ease of control.

The wider lighting rig featured 142 ColorLine HOs, 94 LightSky AquaBeam 400LLs, 45 Martin MAC Auras and eight Robe Robin BMFLs and an Ayrton Cobra. Atmospherics were enhanced by 14 Smoke Factory Tour Hazers. Accenting the large and impressive pyramid scene behind Jarutis were additional LED lights rigged into the ceiling of the amphitheatre, which Buinauskas described as his workhorse fixture on this design.

The biggest challenge proved to be the pyramid structure itself which had 10,000 construction elements that could’ve spanned 18km and took nearly a week to build but Buinauskas assured that once a company with the capability to build the structure came along the display finally started coming together.

Reflecting on the project, Buinauskas beamed with pride. “We were able to create a spectacular show for everyone that came out to see it.”