Over 500 Elation fixtures illuminate La Casa de Los Famosos

Elation Professional Proteus, Artiste, KL and other lighting fixtures were used by Lighting Designer, Miguel ‘Miki’ Molina on the latest season of La Casa de Los Famosos in Mexico. 

The Elation package was used throughout the season across six different sets, including the grand finale, with the main stage alone boasting some 400 Elation lights. Other Elation lines used on the program included Pixel Bar, SixBar, Chorus Line, and DTW Blinders, along with Therma Tour 600 haze effect generators from Magmatic Effects. Additionally, EN12 nodes and RDM10 splitters from Obsidian Control’s NETRON line were used for signal distribution. The supply of the Elation fixtures and the lighting technical production for the project was carried out by Mexican company AVIT Services Integrales under the supervision of Joel Isair Torres.

“We opted for Elation because of the versatility of the products, which we were very happy with,” explained lighting designer Miguel “Miki” Molina. “For live broadcasts, the Elation equipment gives me the confidence that I have the features and qualities needed to achieve the correct image in terms of colourimetry and exposure. Elation has a range of very interesting products and the result is in the quality of the image.”

The designer emphasised the importance of finding lights with the right power output. Furthermore, when it comes to adjusting skin tones, he seeks lights that offer a flexible range of exposures, allowing him to make corrections without concerns about compromising the image quality. Molina noted that the show’s cast expressed their appreciation for the rendering of skin tones achieved.

“I appreciate the brightness provided by the LEDs we use for the camera,” he explained. “I have precise control over colors, ensuring there’s no unwanted color distortion. It affords me the flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of different projects and various camera types. You can also work with the refresh frequencies of the luminaires as needed and all Elation equipment has it.”

Molina turned to several luminaires in Elation’s KL series, the full-colour-spectrum KL Fresnel 8 FC and KL Par FC, along with the KL Panel and KL Panel XL IP soft lights.

Regarding the KL Panel XL and KL Panel XL IP, Molina says he finds them very easy to program. Molina also worked with the Proteus Rayzor 760 and new Proteus Rayzor 1960, as well as the Proteus Rayzor Blade, all RGBW LED luminaires with pixel control. “What I like most about these devices is the brightness and the ability to pixelate them as it gives the impression of being different luminaires. The Rayzor Blade is a marvel! It has a spectacular strobe that I not only use as a blinder but also as an effect light or for modelling,” Molina continued. “Viewers were made to think that there were many sets when in fact it was only one. The light is what gives you this magic. If you use good lighting and good scenery you can create that magic and all thanks to the versatility of Elation products.”