3-D Audio at the Kraków Film Music Festival

Photo: Robert Sluszniak

Taking place at venues throughout Kraków, the 16th Festival included an immersive sound event at the Teatr Lasznia at which composer, musician and lecturer Gary Marlowe performed the world premiere of his concert Echoes of Space, and Grammy award-winning film composer Simon Franglen presented his experimental work Sunrise | Sunset, originally commissioned by the Shanghai Tower.

Engineer and Producer Hans-Martin Buff was on hand to guide the mix which was handled by a Yamaha Rivage PM5 using Yamaha AFC Image DSP. 33 channels of audio were distributed around five front clusters of four NEXO GEO M10 line array elements, with 14 NEXO PS15 point-source speakers as side surrounds, five NEXO P12s as rear and eight NEXO ID24s as tops.

LF extension came from six NEXO STM S118 subs, with amplification and processing from NEXO’s NXAMPMk2 Powered TD Controllers. The system was supplied and deployed by Wroclaw-based production services company Pogo Art, with support provided on site by Yamaha and NEXO technical staff.

The event was covered as part of ‘Spatial Audio – Practical Masters Guide’ which provided an entry point into the field of spatial audio content creation for people with a basic knowledge of audio production.