22live takes delivery of d&b audiotechnik GSL

22live has completed its d&b SL-Series offering by adding GSL to its hire inventory.

22live was appointed as a d&b audiotechnik rental partner in early 2023 after making initial investments into XSL and KSL line array packages. The company achieved great successes in 2023 with these d&bsystems being deployed to tours; Tori Amos Ocean to Ocean, Madness C’est La Vie, and events such as Lionel Richie & George Ezra at Chepstow Racecourse. In 2024 the drive for large scale touring utilising d&b has continued with the Pendulum arena tour, and now with d&b GSL in stock, 22live is well positioned to continue its growth.

Spencer Beard, 22live Managing Director commented: “We have completed the SL-Series offering by adding GSL to our inventory as it enables us to provide services to any event no matter the size and requested specification. By owning GSL we are now a viable contender for pretty much any d&b tour or event, and we wanted to make sure we are doing everything that we can to ensure we have the opportunity, where possible to be considered alongside existing GSL owners.”

Stefan Phillips 22live Operations Director added “The addition of GSL to our inventory is more than just new boxes coming into stock. We are now preparing for a busy summer ahead of festivals and events, as well as touring packages, so we’ve had to increase our infrastructure all round. Simon (Gladstone, 22live Technical Director) has been busy inventing new additions to our modular line system to make us festival ready. We’ve added more cabling, more power, more networking, more  RF, and a lot more flightcases to ensure we don’t put anything out that doesn’t carry our signature, premium presentation. We’ve also added 2 more staff (Jessie Ryan and Euan Ceney) to the warehouse team to cope with the additional kit and gear turnaround. All in all we now have an increased capacity all around to deliver more jobs, without compromise.”

Paul Timmins, 22live Hire Director also suggested that 22live is now well positioned for growth: “I think last year people were scoping us out to see how we’d get on, but now we’re really becoming established in the marketplace. The tours that we’ve put out so far have demonstrated our competence to deliver and we are grateful to everyone that has backed us to get us where we are today, which is quite an achievement considering we are still less than 18 months on from our launch. We hope that our investment into d&b and GSL specifically should really make those that haven’t seen us yet take stock of the fact that we are serious and here to stay.”

The investment into d&b GSL was another sizeable spend by the newcomer company, but demonstrated its competence not only as a audio rental company, but also as a business with solid financial resources. Alex Penn, 22live Commercial Director commented: “Obviously forefront in our priorities is keeping business fun, light-hearted and rock n roll, but there has to be a serious backbone to the company if you want to play in the bigger leagues. Being ahead of the game in our accounting has meant we were able to secure finance for such a large capital investment which is largely thanks to our FD Ian Bidmead, as well as the team here continuing to punch above our weight in terms of system delivery. The fact that we were also recognised as ‘West Midlands Start-Up Business of the Year 2024’ by the businessdesk.com too helps to solidify our presence not only in the production industry but the wider business community.”

Spencer Beard concluded “22live now has an inventory capable of delivering multiple large scale shows simultaneously from two major loudspeaker brands, as well as growing console, RF and outboard inventory. The d&b GSL investment really puts us on the map internationally as a capable company able to provide services at any level. We intend to continue our ethos of providing high quality solutions to those that value working with likeminded industry people, and having fun with it. The summer is hotting up to be a busy one, and we’re looking forward to sharing it as we continue to deliver for our clients.”

22live is a d&b audiotechnik rental partner, now with stocks of all SL-series products following its recent delivery of GSL loudspeakers, SL-SUB and D80 amplifiers.