Three New Rental Owners Join STM Series UK Network

Pulse PA in Poole, Total Sound Solutions in Swansea and Fabtronic in Northampton are now taking delivery of new NEXO STM modular line array systems for their rental inventories.

Together with Sound of Music in Derby, the rental houses have identified the new STM M28 ‘omnipurpose’ cabinet as a game-changer for their own businesses, as well as enabling a cross-hire network that allows each STM owner to service projects ranging from 500 people at a club event to medium-sized festivals by pooling NEXO STM resources.

At Pulse PA in Poole, Ralph Walsh says that the arrival of the all-purpose two way M28 cabinet has delivered new benefits for his rental benefits, starting with time-saving.

“I’ve configured my system in four groundstacks, set up on four dollies each with a STM S118 subbass cabinet, a STM B112 bass unit and two STM M28 main modules.” said Walsh “Prepped in the warehouse, the system just wheels in and out of the van, into the venue where it is true plug-and-play. Set-up time is probably 20% of what it was with our previous system.”

Pulse PA is serving a local music and events scene, which ranges from club events with live music, corporate functions and small to medium sized festivals. “Time is of the essence,” said Walsh, “but also the footprint and flexibility of the system. The STM Series has a very compact footprint, and the output for its size is just unbelievable. But it is also ultra-flexible. We can choose to run the S118 sub and M28 cabinets alone, or even just the M28s for a speech-only event. What we have now is a groundstack system, but we’re already considering the purchase of flyware in the near future.”

Although Walsh is a long-time NEXO user, he has kept a watchful eye on other systems in the market. “Some high-profile alternatives to our groundstack system are nearly twice the size and not as portable, others are the same size but low-powered by comparison. NEXO STM offers the very best size-to-output ratio for our budget, with stunning audio quality. Considering the options on the market, it gets my vote as the most musical system of all.”

The M28 is an injection-moulded all-purpose two way loudspeaker cabinet, providing 90° or 120° of horizontal dispersion (adjustable using a special flange kit) and 0° to 15° splaying angle between modules. It is the same width as the STM B112 bass cabinet, 2/3 height, and can be arrayed in the same column or stack as the B112 bass cabinet and S118 subbass cabinet in a mid-format lightweight STM system.