Prolyte LSU Modular LED Screen Support Ready to Hire from IPS

The Prolyte LSU system can be used to create freestanding LED Screen support systems in a huge range of sizes and is ready to hire now from IPS. The design means that nothing protrudes in front of the supported LED screen, as all ballast and structure are concealed at the rear. Packaged into neat flight cased kits, just hire the number of kits needed, add ballast and an LED Screen and it is ready to go.

Supporting LED Screens may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment, but there will soon hopefully be a time again when events are running again, and a solid LED Screen support solution that can quickly be deployed will be a great benefit.

The Prolyte LSU Screen Support system is designed to be used indoors for almost any LED Screen system that has modules in 500mm wide multiples, such as the Prolights Apix, Chauvet PVP and X series screens stocked by IPS. As it is a modular system, it can be built to almost any size required. The kits from IPS contain a selection of components, and by combining different numbers of kits all kinds of screen support sizes can be constructed. If the screen needs to start higher, then IPS can supply a LiteDeck platform to boost the structure to the height required.

The system has already been deployed on a range of events, including on a corporate event in Paris for discerning IPS client Showstyle where an 18m wide by 3m high LED Screen was the centrepiece of a large room design. The LSU system was chosen particularly as it provides a clean finish to the front of the screen, with nothing sticking forward into the stage area.

IPS Project Manager Tom Warden said: “Getting 18m of 2.9mm LED Screen to line up seamlessly was one of my big concerns going into this project, and the Prolyte LSU system was brilliant onsite” adding that “the LED techs onsite all were very complimentary of the system, and how easy it was to set up”. The project was a great success – and the LSU has subsequently been used with many other LED Screen systems since.

Building from the ground up, the LSU system has adjustable feet on each base to make sure that the bottom horizontal connecting bar is level, and then vertical ladder truss sections attach to support the height of the screen. Arms then clamp onto the ladder sections and attach to the rear of the screen panels using bolts into the corners of the LED Panels. It is supplied with M8, M10 and M12 fittings to cover all common attachments. Ballast is added to the rear of the bases in the form of hand weights – and Prolyte have produced a guide to the ballast required depending on the width and height of the supported screen.

Each kit from IPS contains the parts needed to build a 1m wide by 4m high support. Additional kits, and an optional longer connection bar can then be added to make other sizes – for example four kits would be required to make a 6m wide by 4m high support. The LSU Kits are ready to hire now, and there are more details about the components included in each kit and what is required for the different sizes on the IPS website, along with current hire price details.