Prolights is a Beacon of Light for Harrogate 1571

Photo Credit: Stephen Taylforth

Prolights Panorama IP Airbeam moving beams lit up North Yorkshire’s skyline with stunning big air looks for Harrogate 1571, part of Harrogate Welcomes the World celebrations supporting the UCI Road World Cycling Championships and acknowledging the spa town’s heritage.

The lighting installation was commissioned by Harrogate International Festivals, a major arts project of national importance which has helped to revolutionise the cultural landscape for the North of England.

To celebrate the waters that have made Harrogate a tourist attraction since 1571, these wells and the town’s iconic Harlow Hill water tower were illuminated for a stunning light show over a series of evenings.

The project’s lighting designer, James Bawn of Element 3 Design needed an IP65 fixture with a very bright, defined moving beam which could create spectacular big air looks over the two sites.

He commented: “Using the Prolights Panorama AirBeam fixtures was key to the success of this project. The IP rated fixtures performed flawlessly outdoors for four consecutive evenings.

He added: “Logistics and load-in were very tight as we had to work around road closures for the UCI Cycling, so the fixtures’ hassle-free and quick setup really helped.”

Bawn lit the Harrogate water tower in spectacular, colourful beams to make a 3D art installation. In addition, he used the fixtures as beacons of light to create a 3-dimensional map of the 36 wells.

He concluded: “I’m really impressed with the Panorama Airbeams. The output from a small source was incredible and could be seen for many miles around.”

The Prolights fixtures were recommended to James by LCR Lights Control Rigging, who supplied all the lighting equipment for both sites.