Peavey Now Shipping UNITY DR16 Digital Mixer Worldwide

Peavey's new UNITY DR16 Digital Mixer

Peavey Electronics has brought out their new UNITY DR16 Digital Mixer the first entry in the UNITY Series of digital mixer products and the first of its kind to be fully expandable in the hope it will help musicians with their live performances. Whether the user is running FOH or their own monitor mix, the Peavey UNITY DR16 is a highly adaptable and compatible solution that delivers professional-grade sound.

In its standard configuration, the Peavey UNITY DR16 offered 16 inputs, with eight of those inputs boasting Peavey Silencer mic preamps. The inputs have a Priority Ducker as well as the ability to group MUTE and SOLO, and all of the input EQs have the Classic Peavey Mid-Morph EQ, which enables the user to easily tune in optimal tone. All of these features, plus the two Feedback Eliminators that are assignable to mic input channels and separate Feedback Eliminators on the Auxes and Mains, make the Peavey UNITY DR16 a top-of-the-line pick for its category.

With 4 effects processors and highly advanced reverb algorithms, the Peavey UNITY DR16’s onboard effects are more than enough to meet the user’s needs. The Peavey UNITY DR16 also has a unique mixed network configuration of up to 10 Ethernet and 4 Wi-Fi connections at the same time. Wi-Fi connectivity also allows the user to adjust the console from the stage or live room via the Peavey UNITY Mix app iOS app to get the sound just right. Also available is the Peavey UNITY Mix desktop app, which is available for PC.

All Peavey UNITY DR16 outputs have a parametric EQ, a 31-band graphic EQ in cascade and an automatic feedback eliminator. The mixer’s advanced monitoring capabilities allow selectable monitor sources, and the ability to leverage Aux 3/4 as stereo or mono monitor sends. The Peavey UNITY DR16 also has real solos on the monitor for all inputs, Aux, and Efx. SOLO even applies to the DCA, of which there’s an abundant 4 on board. If headroom is a concern, the Clip Limiter ensures no clipping even when exceeding the input level or internal process gain levels.

An Extension Card provides the option to make input channels 13 through 16 analogue unbalanced or balanced inputs, S/PDIF, or Dante, with plans for other options to be released. With the Expansion Card, the Peavey UNITY DR16 also has unprecedented expansion and extension by expanding the mixer’s inputs by combining multiple DR16s to add 12 input channels for every connected DR16.