Master Tour: an essential tour tool

The brains behind Eventric’s Master Tour explains how the cloud-based software is set to transform the workflow of production and tour managers.

Master Tour, a cloud-based software created to assist production and tour managers with the organisation of their logistics, has become a familiar name within the live entertainment and touring industry with 65,000 monthly users. Initially developed to help build tour books, Master Tour has adapted to the shift from paper to digital platforms in recent years with an accounting feature, guestlist module and a section on advancing a tour among the key features.

“Master Tour has grown in popularity organically, primarily through ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from trusted relationships in the live entertainment and touring industry,” Eventric CEO and founder, Paul Bradley commented, highlighting the creation of sister platform, Master Venue. 

“The first thing we’re doing is going out to venues and saying ‘80% of the tours visiting your venue use Master Tour – here’s a new tech pack’, which is standardised whether it is a festival, club, arena – we’re going to be able to go to the Master Tour directory and see the information.” Going forward, Bradley hopes to introduce a crew database which is more accessible for production crew and support teams by providing end users with access to every tour they’ve ever worked on. 

This, he believes, will allow them to create resumés and promote their skill sets on the platform. With greater focus than ever before on fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment on the road, Master Tour plans to partner with industry-related mental health charities and support networks. 

“We’re talking with Backline to help bring mental health into different tour services because when you’re out there, especially touring globally, it can be a chaotic atmosphere, but there are lots of wonderful people that can bring these services to those who need it the most.” While it’s still in Beta stage, Bradley expects Master Tour to be released by the end of the year. 

Words: Alicia Pollitt

Photo: Eventric