Massive Productions creates winning design for Tumba Festival with CHAUVET Professional

A dynamic lighting design featuring over 130 CHAUVET Professional fixtures lit Curaçan singer Raynor ‘Raey’ Lauferat the Tumba Festival. The CHAUVET Professional fixtures were supplied and installed by Massive Productions, which also set up the event’s audio system and LED screens.

Massive Productions’ Jimmy Lo-A-Njoe, came up with the concept and LD Ramon Ramirez who designed the lighting rig, used this power-packed rig to connect the large outdoor crowd to each performance on stage.

“Our goal was to create an experience for the client, the public, and the crowd at the event as well as those watching TV at home,” said Lo-A-Njoe. “Coming up with interactive ways to enhance the show trough lightings video and sound was our focus. Working from my concept and design, Ramon Ramirez plotted the position of the lighting at key points upstage, down stage and mid-stage to create visual depth.”

Adding punch to the lightshows were 16 Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures. The design team flew some of these intense 440W units along a horizontal row of upstage truss and used them for down and backlighting as well as dramatic cross-beam effects. A pair of the hybrid units were arranged on the stage deck for aerial effects, while the remainder were positioned on a circular upstage truss to provide front lighting and audience effects.

Also connecting to the crowd with audience lighting were 16 STRIKE 4 blinders, which were flown on the uppermost level of truss in front of the stage as well as on truss stands stage left and right.

A collection of 16 Rogue R2 Beam and 20 Rogue R2 Spot fixtures were located throughout the flown rig. “We used the whole Rogue family to create the perfect color temperature for TV,” said Lo-A-Njoe. “The spots filled space everywhere, while the beams created some dramatic effects at key moments.”

Colour was essential to projecting a festive atmosphere throughout the event. Helping to create a brilliant and engaging palette on the 60’ by 40’ stage were 24 ÉPIX Strip Tour and 40 COLORado COLORdash Par 12 HP wash fixtures. Drawing on the colour mixing prowess of the RGBAW+UV LED washes, the design team was able to conjure up a rainbow on stage that added to the special aura of the event.

“I’m grateful that Ramon wanted us to add the COLORdash Par 12 HP to the lighting plot,” said Lo-A-Njoe. “We hung them on the roof and pointed them straight down. The effect was very compelling on TV and for the live audience. The UV feature of these fixtures came in handy for opening cues for each song at the festival.”