HOF POST Dolly set to make PL+S debut

HOF's new POST dolly. Photo: HOF

HOF is one of several companies to use the Prolight + Sound tradeshow to showcase its new products. 

Taking its name from the first two letters of the words ‘popup’ and ‘stage’ (POST), it is a dolly which offers a variety of possibilities to create different structures and layouts on stage.

The company is intending for this product to be particularly multi-purpose as well. The POST Dolly can be used for single lamps, but also as a stacked dolly with e.g. 1m standard conical tubes between the dollies to create different levels. The components can be mounted standing or hanging on the 15mm plate. 

Furthermore, it can be mounted to two-point, three-point or four-point trusses in sizes 290mm or 400mm on the dolly in different positions, using the optional adapter plate. Likewise, the MLT² trusses can be positioned upright in centre or off-centre positions. Multiple POST dollies can be combined to create various constructions. 

The components remain on the POST Dolly during the show and during transport, saving a lot of time. The Stacking Connector is included and fits many standard conical tubes. With dimensions of 1200mm by 600mm. HOF also manufactures special dimensions upon customer request.