Eliminator Lighting launches a new LED-powered Beam moving head

Designed to generate stunning aerial effects, Eliminator Lighting’s new Stryker Beam is a dedicated moving head beam fixture that packs a real punch. Offering phenomenal value for money, it combines a potent 100W LED light source with an extensive feature set to deliver a versatile luminaire which can be used to create a wide variety of piercing mid-air beam effects. Ideal for installation in nightclubs and performance venues, this compact and lightweight fixture is also perfect for mobile entertainers and event companies looking for a portable lighting solution.

At the heart of the Eliminator Lighting Stryker Beam is an efficient cool white LED engine rated at 100W. The light output from this LED source is focused via high quality optics through a large glass front lens to generate an intense output with a tight 6-degree beam angle. This makes the fixture ideally suited to generating striking aerial beam effects in a hazy atmosphere as well as projecting sharply defined GOBO patterns.

A comprehensive collection of beam-shaping tools is built into the Stryker Beam, providing event professionals and lighting designers with a wealth of creative potential. This can be accessed through DMX control – using either 6 or 19 channels – or automatically, utilizing the fixture’s inbuilt pre-programed lightshow. The former can be set to run at a steady speed or triggered by a musical beat detected via an internal microphone. Multiple fixtures can also be linked together using DMX cables and set to run the internal program in a Primary/Secondary configuration, allowing for an impressive synchronized lightshow running across multiple Stryker Beams to be created quickly and easily with no programming required.

The fixture incorporates a dedicated GOBO wheel featuring 11 metal patterns (plus open spot), including two circular beam reducers. These have been carefully curated to provide a variety of options for generating engaging aerial effects as well as attractive surface projections. A motorized focus function means patterns can be kept sharp regardless of the projection distance and the fixture also offers a shake function which can be engaged for any of the GOBOs.

A separate color wheel features 13 dichroic filters (plus open white), which have been selected to provide maximum flexibility. Alongside vibrant primaries are more subtle pastel shades, ensuring there is a color option to suit every mood. In addition, the fixture also features an innovative additional 6-color flag. Separate to the main color wheel, this combines red, green, blue, orange, purple and pink dichroics in a wedge-shaped pattern and can be used to generate multi-colored output from a single fixture.

Wider aerial effects can be generated by utilizing the two indexed rotating multi-faceted prism options. The independent 8-facet and 16-facet circular prisms can be used independently or layered with different rotation speeds and/or direction to create intricate animated effects. In addition, the fixture is also supplied with a frost filter, which can be engaged to increase the beam angle to 50-degrees for a soft-edged wash output.

With 16-bit fine motor control, the luminaire offers fast and precise pan and tilt movements. Its LED light engine supports smooth digital dimming from 0 to 100% as well as variable speed strobing, ranging from 0 to 20Hz. On the unit’s back panel are both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets, meaning that the fixture can be easily integrated into any existing DMX system. There are also locking power input and output sockets, which can be used to link the power supply for multiple units to a single outlet (2 @ 120V or 3 @ 230V).

The fixture is equipped with a large full-colour backlit display screen, which provides operational information as well as a menu-driven interface for DMX addressing and other setup options. Four push buttons allow easy navigation of the system menu, which is intuitive and comprehensive. In addition to customization of operating parameters, the menu also provides access to a simple programming tool which allows 10 custom scenes to be programmed into the fixture. These can be quickly recalled individually, or set to run in sequence with custom transition times.

Weighing in at 29 lbs. (12.8 kg.) and with measurements of 200mm by 302mm by 465mm [L by W by H], the Stryker Beam is a compact and easily portable fixture. It is fitted with large rubber feet, which means it can be positioned directly on a stage or riser, and is supplied with an omega bracket which can be used to securely attach two hanging brackets. A safety cable loop is also supplied, and the unit is fitted with a pair of handles which make it easy to lift and carry.

“The Stryker Beam is an exciting addition to Eliminator Lighting’s range of moving head fixtures which offer excellent usability and value for money,” comments Albert Paredes, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. “This fast and punchy beam fixture is impressively bright and offers a full complement of features that can be used to create a wide variety of aerial effects and surface projections. It is perfect for installation in nightclubs and other entertainment venues, as well as for mobile use by production companies and entertainers.”

The Eliminator Lighting Stryker Beam is available now from authorized USA dealers.