ADJ’s top of the range Vizi Hybrid 16RX has proven extremely popular with lighting designers since its launch two years ago. ADJ has introduced an even more versatile version: the new ADJ Vizi CMY 16RX.

Offering the same potent light source and expansive feature set as the original Vizi Hybrid 16RX, the new model adds in full CMY colour mixing to provide you with an almost limitless palette of colour options. Independent cyan, magenta and yellow colour paddles – which allow variable intensities – can be mixed together to create almost any colour imagineable. The fixture still incorporates a standard colour wheel which allows easy selection of nine popular colours (+ open).

The Vizi CMY 16RX utilises the revolutionary Philips Platinum 16R discharge lamp technology, which has a colour temperature of 8000K and offers an impressive life expectancy of 1,500 hours. Despite requiring just 330W of power, the highly-efficient Platinum 16R has an output comparable to a traditional 575W fixture, double the output of a 250W unit. It also offers a flat, even spot field and even greater saturation of colours. This makes the Vizi CMY 16RX suitable for use in large stage productions and nightclub installations as well as for concert tours, one-off events and festival stages.

A true hybrid, the Vizi CMY 16RX operates interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash fixture. In its beam mode, it offers a tight variable beam angle of between 2.3- and 10-degrees, making it ideal for generating razor-sharp mid-air beam effects. In spot mode, it offers a variable beam angle of between 5- and 22-degrees, perfect for projection of GOBO patterns and circular spotlight effects. Finally, in its wash mode, the fixture offers a wide variable beam angle of between 22- and 63-degrees, which allows for expansive areas to be bathed in potent washes of vibrant colour.

When the fixture is being used in beam or spot mode, a wide variety of beam-shaping tools are provided to further enhance your creative potential. Two separate GOBO wheels are installed; the first offering 15 static fixed patterns and the second featuring 9 replaceable rotating GOBOs. Motorised zoom is also included, to allow you to alter the size of the projected GOBO, while a motorized focus function means that you can ensure GOBO projections are sharp at any distance.

The Vizi CMY 16RX also features two separate multi-facet prisms which can be introduced to multiply GOBO projections and create mesmerizing mid-air effects or complexly animated surface projections. The first prism offers a 5-facet linear arrangement, while the second is in a 16-facet circular pattern. Both prisms offer variable speed rotation and pre-programmed effect macros and the fixture also offers an impressive morphing feature that allows for subtle transitions from one prism to the other.

Rounding out this truly versatile fixture’s impressive line-up of features are electronic 0 – 100% dimming, a frost filter to add a soft edge in wash mode and a motorized shutter. The fixture also offers electronic strobing, allowing it to achieve a flash speed of between 0.3 and 7 HZ.

The power input for the fixture is a professional-calibre locking powerCON socket, while both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR input and output sockets mean that the fixture can be easily integrated into any existing DMX lighting control system. A large illuminated display panel provides easy and intuitive access to mode selection and DMX addressing, and a choice of two DMX control modes (23 or 25 channels) are supported. The unit is also equipped with a USB socket, allowing for easy installation of future firmware updates.

Weighing in at 52 lbs. / 23.2 kg. and with measurements of 25” x 16.25” x 13” / 639 x 413 x 326mm, the Vizi CMY 16RX is a compact fixture considering its high output and extensive set of features. In fact, the Vizi 16RX class of fixtures are much faster than previous ADJ moving heads because they are much lighter in weight and more compact than other moving heads in their class.

The Vizi CMY 16RX is fitted with large rubber feet, allowing it to stand directly on the floor or stage of a venue and it is also designed to accommodate two omega clamps for secure rigging to overhead lighting bars or truss positioned in any orientation. Inside the box, alongside the manual and power cord, are two omega clamps as well as a safety cable for added protection for when the fixture is installed at height.

Combining the incredible power of the Philips Platinum 16R discharge lamp with true hybrid functionality and an exhaustive set of features including full CMY colour mixing, the ADJ Vizi CMY is a truly impressive and extremely versatile professional lighting tool. If you are looking for a flexible moving head suitable for installation in a large venue or want to increase your inventory of fixtures for use on touring or one-off events, this remarkable fixture offers you the ultimate creative freedom to generate beams, spots or washes in absolutely any colour.