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Kling & Freitag Sound Systems is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of top quality loudspeaker systems for professional sound reinforcement. The company was founded in 1985 and its headed now as then by the founders - Martin Kling and JŁrgen Freitag.

Kling & Freitag's CA 1001 is the consequential completion of the successful CA Series. The compact full-range system is equipped with a 10” low-mid chassis, a 1” horn driver combination, and a passive crossover.

Despite its compact dimensions, the CA 1001 system possesses astounding low-range qualities. With the consistent and very controlled coverage pattern of 85° x 55°, the CA 1001 is suitable for high-quality sound reinforcement. The especially low-distortion 1” neodymium driver with a titanium diaphragm comes into operation starting at 1.4 kHz. This low-frequency coupling of the horn results in a homogenous omnidirectional coverage, high assertiveness, and a low propensity for feedback. The complex design of the crossover enables the frequency and impedance characteristics to be linearised.

Delay time and phase alignment as well as all protective circuits are set up separately for the low and high frequency paths. With this, the CA 1001 has an untainted fine mid-range resolution and superb speech intelligibility.

A multitude of fine details make the CA 1001 system an all-rounder with ‘Plug & Play’ qualities. The multifunctional enclosure has a discreetly integrated handle and a steep monitor angle of 54°, which is especially well-suited for small stages.

An innovative sound reinforcement tool, the new Sequenza line array system from Kling & Freitag is designed to be a 2 1-way system that is actively driven in two-way mode using the H&F CD 44 digital system controller.

    The FLC technology, known from the Line Series, is used to control both exclusive horn-loaded exclusive 10" speakers. In doing so, one of the two 10" systems is decoupled phase linear at the high frequency end, thus progressively reducing the coverage area. This prevents side lobes in the coverage pattern and significantly raises the feedback threshold.

    The tweeter unit of the Sequenza 10 consists of the Waveformer with three 1" high frequency drivers and creates a planar wave front up to 16kHz. This allows for a coherent coupling of several line array cabinets even in the frequency range far above 10kHz.

    This is a prerequisite for naturally reproducing sound events and reaching high ranges.
    There are two different coverage versions of the new K&F arrays: the Sequenza 10N (narrow) with 77° x 7° and Sequenza 10W (wide) with 100° x 7°. Both coverage versions are combinable and controllable using the same preset.

    The fast yet safe rigging system of the Sequenza 10 was a further central goal of development. All array angle adjustments of the three-point ClickFly rigging system are pre-selected on the floor. While pulling up, the units lock together on the back automatically and the line array is immediately ready for use.

    For optimal sound results, Kling & Freitag offers the in-house developed simulation software, Con:Sequenza, based on the Finite Elements Method (FEM).


Kling & Freitag CA 1001 and wedge
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