PRG Shifts Motion To The Highest Gear On Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds

When the 40th anniversary arena tour of Jeff Wayne’s musical version War of the Worlds was announced, the shows production manager, Steve Nolan, called on PRG once again to provide automation. This proved the perfect opportunity to showcase the state of the art Movecat automation system which PRG has recently invested in.

KLANG Adds Extra Dimension to Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds

KLANG:technologies visited Jeff Wayne’s The War of Worlds to talk with him and monitor engineer Becky Pell about the challenges in managing a full string orchestra and band with 168 tracks.
Jeff Wayne commented: “When I’m conducting, I’ve got a band on one side and a symphonic string orchestra on the other and with the KLANG system, the placement of those elements is very much as I’m seeing them, rather than just having a good general mix. The result is that it’s very much more alive – more 3D. I have a better balance in my head, so the sound quality is at a completely different level now than previously. I’d like to stay with the KLANG system whenever I’m performing with in-ear monitoring.”

MyT Folding Steroid Roof System Dominates in Naples

Litec has just released a new video on dedicated to its MyT Folding Steroid Roof System, which was chosen for an extremely large Tribute Concert in Naples, Italy that celebrated the life and songs of Italian singer Pino Daniele.

The video documents construction of the massive MyT Folding Steroid Roof System, which also featured spot and delay towers (constructed with MyT Folding Steroid’s modular components), and shows them in action during the evening’s performances. The highly publicized and nationally televised concert attracted an impressive crowd of more than 85,000 attendees and was broadcast to a television audience of millions.

The MyT Folding Steroid Roof System is a modular, completely self-contained roof environment. It’s a hybrid combination of MyT Folding Steroid Truss made from EN AW-7003 T6 aluminium (used as a mother grid), 23 metre high towers with 85 by 85 cm bases made from EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium, and key structural elements in high strength S355 steel such as modular ballast bases, sleeve block and safety block grid/tower.

Even within an open-air stadium setting, and a tremendous crowd in attendance, Litec’s MyT Folding Steroid Roof System maintained its dominating presence. It thoroughly impressed both visually and with its high weight loading parameters.

Gary Numan LD Luke Edwards Discusses Avolites Synergy

Learn from Luke about  Avolites Synergy on its first tour ever, the Gary Numan tour
Read the full story in the January issue of TPi. 

Production Futures 2018

This year’s Production Futures took place at Production Park in Wakefield on the 7th November. The event, which included the TPi Breakthrough Talent Awards was an opportunity for students and freelancers to get their first taste of the industry, through exhibitors, talks from industry professionals and a series of training sessions.

David Byrne’s American Utopia Tour Tests Blacktrax Software

Automation Engineer, Sam Augustus demonstrates Blacktrax real-time tracking software on David Byrne’s latest American Utopia tour. The video, narrated by David Byrne, shows how all lights are programmed follow a performer in the middle, moving in a straight line, using the software’s offset feature to create a veritable real-life, real-time follow the leader scenario. Watch the video to hear a bit more about what’s happening.


Star Events Captures BST 2018 Build

Star Events has released a vibrant video highlighting the company’s work for British Summer Time Hyde Park (BST) as the festival stretched to accommodate Roger Waters’ massive Us + Them performance, the first of its six sell-out shows this summer.

Shot by video production and promotion company, In The Bag, under blue skies, this unique look behind the new scenes focuses on the Star team building the Great Oak, panning across the Vista hospitality structure, the Barclaycard Stage, brand activations for Barclaycard and Samsung, the main entrance arches and site-wide overlay.

Roger Barrett, Special Projects Director at Star Events, commented: “To achieve what Roger Waters needed, while still enabling the other five major BST Hyde Park shows, was challenging to say the least.

“This film is a stirring document of Star working with a promoter committed to providing the very best for artists and audiences”.

TPi Gets an Exclusive Look at Luna

Manchester-based in-ear monitor company, Cosmic Ears, unveils Luna, a brand-new product designed for the robust nature of touring duties; bringing a new comfort to ear fatigue caused by those familiar long hours on the road. It impressively offers a generic, off-the-shelf model (for those emergency misplacements situations!)

Behind the Scenes with FOH Engineer Matteo Cifelli

The renowned engineer mixes Sir Tom Jones at Edinburgh Castle on Crest Audio’s Tactus digital mixing system.

Outline Superfly Tour with the Aussie Pink Floyd

In the midst of a globe-straddling tour that recreates the unique multi-sensory experience of a Pink Floyd live concert, the men behind TAPFS’s live sound take time out to talk about their experiences with Outline’s Superfly loudspeaker system, supplied by London-based Capital Sound Hire.

Capital Sound System Technician Mark Edwards discusses its respective working experiences with Superfly. While FOH Trevor Gilligan talks in detail about what the system brings to his creative input while Mark focuses on how it facilitates the venue-to-venue performance consistency that helps Trevor.

Bluman Associates Gets Interactive with Aphex Twin

To celebrate the release of the new Aphex Twin Collapse EP, renowned agency Brotherhood Media commissioned Bluman Associates to create an interactive Guerilla projection experience, based on the music video directed by Weird Core.

Utilising a Notch and d3 workflow, the team created a unique interactive experience by installing leap motion sensors into custom made plinths. By interpreting the gestural hand movements of the user, the projections and soundscape could be manipulated, creating an interactive experience for the intrigued audience.

The team created the unique visuals by taking assets from the Collapse music video and manipulating them in Notch. The audio was generated using MAX/MSP, and was based on selected sound bites from the EP.

The team projected in 4 unique locations around London including Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Waterloo and China Town. To create the experience, the team installed a 30k projector, PA, disguise gx1 media server and control in the back of a van, which was driven and set up at each venue – with the plinths being the only piece of equipment that had to be set up for the audience to use.

The team managed to project at each location for an hour undetected by the authorities.  The activation was a success in all four locations, with lots of audience participation.  The ‘pop up projections’ were a great way to celebrate and promote the new EP, and an authentic representation of the individual, underground style of Aphex Twin. You watch the full video.

infiLED Lights Up Balenciaga Catwalk at Paris Fashion Week

infiLED, the international providers of high quality bespoke LED displays and solutions, provided over 7000 LED panels to create a unique installation as part of the Balenciaga runway show at Paris Fashion Week 2018 on 30 September.

infiLED worked closely with Canadian artist and filmmaker, Jon Rafman, who was tasked by fashion house Balenciaga to create a set which was an instrumental part of a fashion show that highlighted the impact of technology on society and the world. This was Rafman’s first experience of creating a dynamic set with LED panels, and infiLED provided their knowledge and expertise to pull off the most stunning results.

Working with its French reseller Image Video Services (IVS), infiLED supplied in excess of 7000 pieces of its leading range of X panels, ER panels and SF panels which created a narrow tunnel and catwalk in which the entire fashion show took place.

The curved tunnel walls were created with infiLED’s X series modules, which feature a stacking and hanging system, combined with the company’s flagship ER series, which has an accurate curve frame option, with an easily adjustable angle coupler, allowing a concave or convex curve option of up to 20.

For the catwalk, infiLED’s smaller SF series modules were used as a flexible solution that could be easily clipped in and out, and could withstand the force of being walked on – all whilst providing vivid colours and graphics throughout.

During the fashion show, the LED panels lit up the entire catwalk and tunnel with psychedelic projections of programming code, computer start-up messages and  periodic tables.

“This incredible project really pushed the boundaries of visual media created with LED panels, and was hailed as one of the most talked-about shows of the iconic Paris Fashion Week,” said Ben DaCosta, Co-Founder and Managing Director of infiLED. “The flexibility of our range of high quality LED displays will continue to enable the world’s biggest artists to continue to create pioneering installations.”

NEXO STM for Pope’s Irish Spectacular

In the hands of Sound Design Ireland, the STM Series modular line array has scored a high-profile success for the Festival of Families event in Dublin, addressed by the Pope himself.

Read the full story here.

Shure Unveils the ADX1M Wireless Bodypack

Shure has announced its alternative to the traditional large bulky wireless bodypack: the ADX1M.

Large, bulky wireless bodypack transmitters have long posed a problem for applications such as theatre and broadcast where the transmitter needs to be comfortable, easy to conceal, and reliable.

Traditionally, production teams have managed with bodypack transmitters with harder edges and ones that have an external antenna. After considerable research with the industry to learn more about the frustrations users experience with traditional units, it was clear there was a desire for a transmitter with a more ergonomic design.

To learn more about what the industry required, Shure began consulting with key sound designers, theatre audio directors, and production audio technicians, which immediately gave us a lot of insight into the desired shape of a bodypack destined for theatre or broadcast talent. The result is a wireless transmitter that is extremely ergonomic, features an internal antenna, and produces an optimal signal when worn on the body.

The ADX1M is a micro bodypack unlike any other before it, particularly in the digital wireless realm. The unique form factor is made from an Ultem PEI construction, which enables us to manufacture an exceptionally small and streamlined, heat resistant pack that is perfect for discreet placement and comfort.

Swapping the traditional external antenna in favour of a new internal design was critical to achieving a true micro form factor. The antenna has always been a point of frustration for users, as it ultimately adds to the overall size and provides a port-of-entry for unwanted sweat and moisture that can damage the transmitter over time.

ADX1M not only internalises the antenna, but it also brings new patent-pending adaptive technology to the market that enables the optimal body-worn signal performance briefly mentioned above. We’ve always known that transmitters worn close or on the skin dramatically compromise its performance— the ADX1M helps to mitigate this problem.

Never one to compromise on audio or signal quality, we were able to achieve this elegant design while also retaining the outstanding performance you expect. ADX1M is part of the ADX range of transmitters, designed to work as part of our new flagship digital wireless system, Axient Digital.

Engineered from the ground up, Axient Digital features a new modulation scheme, designed to handle the challenging RF environments modern engineers face. As part of the ADX range of transmitters, ADX1M also features remote control through our ShowLink access point, enabling remote transmitter control and automatic interference avoidance.

Projection Mapping Stonehenge

Featured on CNN, Motion Mapping created an incredible projection display on Stonehenge as legendary Paul Oakenfold became the first DJ to perform live at the monument with Carl Cox performing back to back to record his new album Live at Stonehenge.

Motion Mapping had the huge responsibility of transforming Stonehenge artistically like never before. With just a small team, we had only half an hour after Stonehenge closed to the public before guests arrived. In that small window, we needed to get our equipment on site and set-up.

Find out more at:

Alt-J’s Surround Sound Show in NYC

On 15 June 2018, Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, was the venue of choice on for an L-ISA immersive audio system to be utilised with British rock trio, alt-J. The concert was a live environment surround sound first, as Kel Murray exclusively reports.

Polecam Covers TPi Awards 2018

The live events production industry came together for the Total Production International (TPi) Awards 2018, held at Battersea Evolution, London which was presented by actor and comedian Russell Kane. 

The biggest industry night of the year attracted over 1,400 guests from all avenues of the live music and entertainment technology business, who together celebrated the technical and creative achievements of live productions and events over the preceding 12 months.

After the success of last years event and the introduction of a Polecam system flown by Owner-Operator Steve Giles, the Polecam team were again approached by Rhodri Shaw (Director) from Transition Video was the Project Manager and wished to add that extra dimension to the event.

Polecam and Steve Giles were keen to be involved again and provided a Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) with Narrow head reaching out to 8m which was fitted with the AJA RovoCam offering 12x zoom – resulting in stunning sweeping shots.

In addition, Polecam also provided its Autopod, the low profile powered telescopic elevation unit for use on the stage; fitted with the Panasonic PTZ, the units unobtrusive positioning gave great “local” shots of the awards presentation throughout the evening.