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9 October 2008 8.15 BST

(USA) - Janet Jackson recently opened her much anticipated Rock Witchu tour with a spectacular moving lighting rig created by lighting designer Vince Foster.

A total of 150 PixelLine 1044s adjourn the lighting rig - half are used to construct a bridge that comes in and out, whilst the other half are rigged on moving trusses. The moving bridge (two PixelLines high and 25 PixelLines wide) creates another dimension for Jackson’s stage presence and provides a dramatic platform for both singing and dancing.

Foster explains: “I’ve been a great fan of PixelLines since I started using them back in 2003 on a Massive Attack tour. They are consistently a very reliable and robust fixture – and I don’t think I have designed a show without them since then!”

He continues: “Janet Jackson contacted me after seeing one of my Kylie shows on DVD. I worked with her creative director who had a story and a script for the show – and after several meetings I designed both the lights and set.”

All the elements of the show move (screen, truss, stage, etc …) which adds drama and theatre to all sections of the show. The feel is sexy and edgy throughout, with a retro/futuristic concept as Jackson performs an amazing 35 songs during the almost three hour set.
The PixelLines are supplied by Upstaging - and a Whole Hog Full Boar/Catalyst is used for programming and control.


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